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1954 MG T Series Navy Blue Convertible 4 SPEED SPORTSCAR

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Make: MG
Model: TF
Year: 1954
Mileage: 87314 Miles
Condition: Used
Country: United States
Region: Arizona
City: Phoenix , AZ
Zip: 85035
1954 MG T Series Navy Blue Convertible 4 SPEED SPORTSCAR
The MG TF was a short run of cars that delivered some nice upgrades, and it was truly the last of the craftsman-style British roadsters. This one takes that feeling into the modern age with a craftsman-level restoration. It is a feature-filled and award-worthy car meant for those who know the difference between a car show and a concours d'elegance The deep blue paint on this one will make you wonder if this was commissioned by the Royal Navy. There's just such a nice luster and clean lines that this MG feels truly regal. It was the subject of a comprehensive and full restoration. They invested in quality with this car, and you see it everywhere from the way the low-cut doors fit, to the shine of the grille. And while every true classic MG has some fun driver's details, this one seems to properly showcase them all. You have bright wire wheels with proper knock-off hubs, and there's a bright luggage rack of the rear-mounted spare one. The redline tires have a sporty style as they look distinct against all the blue and chrome. The full windshield is in place, but the two competition windscreens behind it remind you that you can remove the windshield to give this a true classic race look. In fact, there's even a full racing tonneau that looks excellent in a deep blue. So while this MG is small, you just know people are going to take extra time looking it all over so they can see all the work it took to get this level of superior style. The blue roof and door side curtains have the right kind of tone that only an upper-class British machine can pull off correctly. But that's not how you're going to show this car. It's meant to be open to the world, and the gray interior smartly complements the navy blue exterior. Supple leather seats, a seductively smooth curve to the dash, jewel-like door fixtures, and plush carpeting give this a luxury feel. But the real appeal of a proper MG is how it's a purist experience that speaks to the driver without anything getting in the way. You get a grippy wood-rimmed steering wheel, a telepathic-like gearstick, and Jaeger gauges that love to dance in tune with the motor. Just like the interior and exterior, they made a nice investment to really make sure you're going to love opening the hood wherever you park this classic. The classic 1250cc overhead valve unit with twin SU carburetors gives a peppy nature to this light MG. The motor was built for you to go out and row through the gears of the four-speed transmission and get the most out of this powerplant. And those who have driven these understand the magic moment where the hum of the motor, the crisp action of the gearbox, and the nimble steering all come together to deliver driving nirvana. Production of these cars was only for 18 months, and less than 9,800 were built for worldwide distribution, so a TF is already a rare sight. And 65+ years later, you know that finding one of this caliber again will be difficult. So you don't want to miss this MG.

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